Make a Referral

Make a Referral

You can make a referral for yourself, or on behalf of someone else. If you are self-referring, please ensure you click on the Self-Referral Form tab below and please return to our website to complete an Equal Opportunities form if you are able. For anyone making a referral on behalf of someone else, please select the appropriate service referral form below i.e. Ex-Offenders, Young People or WIS/Veterans

Young People Programme

Referral Form

Ex-Offender Programme

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WIS & Veterans Programme

Referral Form

Self Referral

For self-referrals only. If you are making a referral on behalf of someone else, please use the referral forms above.

Equal Opportunities

Why do we collect this information? Collecting information on equalities helps us to ensure that every person supported by Step Together Volunteering is treated with dignity and respect and given access to opportunity and support in a way that shows we value difference and diversity.

What do we do with the information? This information is stored separately from client records and is always anonymous. We use the information to ensure our commitment to equalities is working in practice. As a publicly funded organisation, we are sometimes asked to share equalities data with our funders, who are keen to ensure all clients are treated fairly. Only statistical data is shared.

Do I have to complete this form? No. Whilst we strongly encourage you to complete it, to help us ensure our policy and procedures are working, you will not be treated any differently because you choose not to provide this information.

Confidentiality: This information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will be used for monitoring purposes only.

Step Together Volunteering’s Statement on Equal Opportunities:

Step Together Volunteering is committed to ensuring that no person will be treated less favourably than another because of their age, gender, colour, race diversity, disability, faith/belief, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, physical appearance, health status, social position, employment status, family marital status, political belief, trade union membership, sexual orientation or non-relevant previous convictions.