Armed Forces Community Programme

Supporting people in North of England and Wiltshire & Hampshire: Our Armed Forces Community Programme supports Personnel on Recovery Duty (PRD), veterans and their families across the UK to make significant change in their lives, through one-to-one support and active engagement & volunteering in the local community as a part of their recovery and resettlement.

We work with major agencies such as the Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes, RFEA, and the Personnel Recovery Units across the UK.

Supporting Recovery and Rehabilitation

As well as physical trauma, many of those referred to us suffer severe anxiety, insomnia and a lack of confidence. Struggling to adjust to their new circumstances they may feel isolated and purposeless. Some struggle to leave the security of their home.

I feel Step Together have given me my life back. Volunteering has improved my self esteem, confidence, communication and outlook on life. It is helping to keep my recovery on track. I can honestly say I cannot remember ever feeling as useful to society as I do now, and this feeling is improving daily. Having the opportunity to help others too is working wonders for my own self worth. I really can't express my gratitude enough for what Step Together have done for me
Daz, Step Together client

Why Volunteering Works

Volunteering provides a focus for the day, a positive outlet for energy, an opportunity to increase social networks and to interact with others in similar situations.

The outcome is a significant boost in confidence and powerful change in self-perception. Our clients and their families report rediscovered self-confidence, self-esteem and independence – essential for the transition to new jobs and careers outside of The Forces.